"Theo And a Horse Named Rocket"

Published February 2, 2016
By:    Archway Publishing from Simon & Schuster
            W. H. Raymond

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Children's Fiction -
Great for children middle school aged and up!  Enjoyed by young adults, senior citizens and all ages in between!
  "Look out below!" Down came the snow, one heaping shovelful at a time. This particular job was a favor Theo's father had asked of him on the heels of one of the biggest snowstorms the city had ever seen. Rain and snow had been plentiful in the past couple of years. Some blamed the foul weather on global warming, and others explained it away as something that happened once or twice a century. So Theo and Winston spent the wintery afternoon shovelling snow off of Mrs. Tinsel's fragile, overburdened roof. About eighteen inches of white, fluffy snow had fallen overnight, and the roof was not strong enough to hold the load - at least that was what Theo's father thought. Winston shoveled the excess from up above, since he was the gutsier of the two. Theo transported the piles away from the house to prevent sprintime flooding. Winston began to worry about Mrs. Tinsel being unaware of why they were at her home. He was certain she had heard them by now.
  "Did your dad tell Mrs. Tinsel we were comin'? I sure hope so!  I wouldn't wanna be beaten by a kitchen broom on account she imagined we were trespassin'." Winston frowned at Theo down below.